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staff photos niallNiall J. Murray

Rockabill Founder & President, Niall Murray, has advised on the development and financing of over 10,000 units of affordable housing during his career, raising in excess of $1.30 Billion in capital.

He is a current member of the New York Housing Conference Advisory Board, Flax Trust America and the Hoboken Historical Museum. Niall has been on the vanguard in using the capital markets for such programs as Affordable Assisted Living, Qualified Zone Academy Bonds, Public Housing Authority Revitalization, Supportive Housing and Preservation Projects.

Prior to Rockabill Niall was Managing Director of O’Connor Davies Munns & Dobbins Housing Advisory Group and Allied Irish Bank’s Housing Group. During that period Niall oversaw the development and financing of over 3,000 units of affordable housing.

Niall is a qualified accountant and spent five years at a public practice in Dublin, Ireland.