From conception to completion, Rockabill’s team of professionals bring their expertise, innovation and integrity to each affordable housing project – no matter the size, complexity or challenge faced. They help their clients to maximize return on investment while minimizing risk. Whether forming a top-notch construction team, maneuvering through complex financial programs, or determining a project’s feasibility, the Rockabill Team has the knowledge and capability to execute deals on time and within their client’s budgets.

Providing feedback throughout the entire financing process, Rockabill engages with their clients on all aspects of a project from examining the initial financial feasibility through transitioning from the construction to permanent loan. Rockabill’s staff enhance each client’s capacity to address the issues facing their organization, while bringing the most current information on regulations, compliance, the latest underwriting and financing trends, Federal, State and City programs.

From concept to completion, Rockabill brings a wide-range of experience that ensures each client's return on investment, while minimizing their risk.

A Sampling of Rockabill’s Consulting Services:

    • Review of Goals, Budget and Timing
    • Financial Feasibility Analysis – financial modeling
    • Preparation of hard and soft costs and operating budgets
    • Interviewing and assembling development team members
    • Negotiating term sheets, contracts, joint ventures, etc.
    • Filing of funding applications to appropriate agencies for subsidies
    • Preparation of information to secure the necessary debt and equity financing
    • Project management and coordination of the development, financing team and attorneys
    • Coordination of the closing process
    • Review and consultation on all project related issues
    • Arranging and conducting all team communications and managing transaction closing
    • Prepare all requisitions to ensure project is on time and on budget
    • Provide advice on an as needed basis to Owner
    • Assistance in advising the auditor on completing the cost certification
    • Compiling and filing the necessary documentation to secure the 8609 from the appropriate tax credit agency
    • Co-ordination of documentation and conference calls to convert construction financing to permanent mortgage
    • Advise Owner on documentation necessary to secure all outstanding capital contributions from equity investor
    • Consult with the Owner in dealings with its hired attorney in connection with any business issues arising out of the financing close out, conduct conference calls, and finalize closing time line