Goddard Riverside’s Phelps House, a finalist for the New York Housing Conference Community Impact Competition (Dec 2020)

Goddard Riverside’s Phelps House is a 169-unit affordable housing complex for seniors located at 595 Columbus Ave. In 2019, Goddard along with Rockabill Consulting, engaged Merchants Capital to provide long term financing, enabling Goddard to keep the units affordable and continue to provide quality housing. The long-term financing also allowed for substantial capital improvements, including plumbing and accessibility upgrades.  These upgrades and capital improvements have greatly helped deal with the challenges brought about by COVID 19. Goddard Riverside has been at the forefront of managing the pandemic head-on.  Closure of their community center and enforcing strict social distancing protocols and high-level cleaning standards has helped to ensure the health of their residents.  Changing up social events, bringing them online and outdoors, as well as regular check-ins and meal service delivery from the social service team has been vital to keeping residents physically and emotionally well.  Goddard’s continued commitment to the residents of 595 Columbus Ave is commendable and has proven to be successful. Phelps House is among a group of fine candidates for this year’s Community Impact Competition and Rockabill is proud of our role in assisting Goddard Riverside and ensuring the well-being of New York’s senior residents at Phelps House.