Stephan Russo joins panel discussion at Homeless Services United Symposium

Stephan Russo, Rockabill’s Senior Advisor, participated as a panelist in the recent Homeless Services United Symposium. The discussion, “Real Estate and COVID-19: How hotels, congregate shelters and other real estate assets factor into response and recovery” brought to light the bold measures taken by the NYC Department of Homeless Services to engage the struggling NYC hotel industry and give congregate shelters residents the ability to socially distance.  As the City looks to the future, it is vital to understand how the pandemic and challenges related to it will factor into new housing developments and restoration/ retrofitting of existing housing.  Stephan has extensive background in supportive housing and shelter preservation efforts, evidenced by contribution to this very enlightening and informative panel discussion.  Rockabill is honored to have him as our Senior Advisor, his deep understanding of the NYC affordable housing industry is invaluable.