About Us

Rockabill Consulting serves the affordable and supportive housing development community by providing a variety of development and financial consulting services. Rockabill Development acts as joint venture development partner, providing financing support in addition to our industry expertise, to project owners looking to develop affordable and supportive housing. Rockabill Development also acquires, preserves and repositions existing multifamily properties.

Innovation. Integrity. Execution.

With over a decade of experience serving all areas of affordable and supportive housing development in New York, the Rockabill Team utilizes their knowledge to bring innovative financing solutions, attention to detail, integrity and ability to execute projects on time and within budget.

Since its founding in 2007, the Rockabill Team has advised on the development and financing of over 12,000 affordable housing units throughout New York State on a wide range of projects totaling over $1.5 billion in capital.

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“Rockabill is a lighthouse off the east coast of Ireland that I looked out at every morning as a kid growing up there. It also represents the core essence of our business which is to safely guide the vessel from crashing onto a treacherous and unseen impediment”. – Niall Murray