• Assist Senior Staff on Project Development
    • Financial Modelling
    • Conduct Due Diligence
    • Manage Project Requisitions
    • Assist in Government Funding Applications
    • Member of the Omicron Delta Epsilon Economics Society
    • Member of the Irish National Baseball Team

As a recent college graduate, Sean was looking for a position that would enable him to use his degree in financing.  As a native New Yorker, Sean believed in the importance of creating and maintaining affordable housing for all residents. He was drawn to the community development industry, but he was concerned that he would be a cog in the wheel at any large corporation or financial institution. When he interviewed with Niall Murray at Rockabill, Niall told Sean that he would gain hands-on experience and be involved with a wide variety of transactions ranging from preservation and new construction, to Year 15 and supportive housing. Sean was hooked – and joined the firm in 2017. Since that time, under the guidance of his colleagues, Sean has gained significant knowledge working on underwriting and financial modeling where no two deals are alike. He enjoys seeing the work he is doing in support of Rockabill’s projects go from conceptions on spreadsheets to becoming reality in communities.

Previously, Sean had gained knowledge of the construction industry as a project manager/intern for a contractor and as an intern at a small asset management team. A member of his college baseball team, Sean credits his background as an athlete for his dedication to teamwork and achieving goals. Sean holds a Degree in Financing from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.

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